Events for individual


The lighting components with sharp detail and design make a difference in the events for individuals. The celebrations usually take place in homes of their own customers and / or unusual places for this type of assemblies (industrial buildings, gardens, private estates, yards, sheds, cellars, boats, etc.). Unusual places that deserve and require special care when pose a technical assembly. And where the aesthetic marked by the designer and organizer of the event (either a professional hired by the occasion, whether a family member who assumes this role).

To respond to the growing demand for resources optimization, we have acquired in recent years a series of LEDs that help us focus on two significant ways: the low energy requiring these instruments (even without consumption, as are powered by batteries), and allow the autonomy of setting, as being wireless or dirty environment or disrupt the flow of the guests to the party area.

We have developed, together with a renowned designer and event organizer, a series of focus especially designed to illuminate tables and areas where aesthetics and lack of cables is something very important.


    We are the undisputed leaders at lighting weddings.


    Events where the technique is as important as aesthetics.