Product features and specifications • Full RGB with 16-bit dimming curve • W-DMX (standard), and Lumen Radio (optional) • Standard 14 hour runtime from fully charged battery (charging cycle 6 hours) • 80 W RGB LED emitter • Lumen output RGB 1650 lm in calibrated mode, personalities zero and one • Lumen output RGB 1800 lm in un-calibrated mode, personalities two and three • Lens beam angle options available 19, 24, 37 degrees when ordering as done at manufacture • 50 preset colours, two-thirds Lee and Rosco colour swatch • 20 preset colour snaps/fades • Un-calibrated option for more user flexibility and higher output (see above) • Six-channel control option with master fade and preset recall • Finished in mirrored stainless steel to blend in with any surrounding • Integral rugged aerial design • IP45 – interior/exterior use • Weatherproof design • Available singularly or in flight cases with inbuilt charging • Kensington Security lock ready • Easily upgradable firmware on all models • Low heat • No cables • No 230 Volt 1.1 Weights and dimensions PartWeight (kg)Dimensions (cm)Battery base unit13,2Height: 35, Depth: 18, Width: 18Flight case (empty)50,77 Length: 79, Width: 50, Height: 75 (including wheels).1.2 Accessories Six-way charging case; four-way charging case; grindle cap. 1.3 Conformity LiteWare HO conforms to the following standards: EN 61000-6-3: Light Industrial Emissions EN 61000-4-2: Heavy Industrial Immunity